Anti-condensation barrier

The anti-condensation barrier of the LAMA company is a response to problems with the condensation of water vapour inside buildings with an uninsulated roof.

It is a self-adhesive membrane attached from the underside of the roof.

The use of our anti-condensation barrier reduces the cost and time of investment without losing the comfort of using the facility.

At the right temperature and humidity, the dew point is reached. Moisture condenses from the underside of the uninsulated roof. Extensive condensation damages materials below.

The use of an anti-condensation barrier stops the moisture and evaporates it when humidity conditions fall below the dew point.

Operating Conditions

  • The anti-condensation barrier and sheet metal should be laminated at the temperature of 10°C or higher.
  • The surface of the sheet metal intended for the application of the Anti-condensation Barrier must be dry, free of contamination, e.g. oils, silicones.
  • The anti-condensation barrier should also not be applied to a surface containing a "softener", e.g. Plastisol or similar agents.
  • In order to obtain the proper adhesion, the pressure on the entire surface between the sheet and the Anti-condensation Barrier must be the same.

For the barrier to work properly it is necessary to ensure appropriate ventilation of the building.